Show Off with ZeeMee

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There are five thousand 4-year colleges in the United States, and millions of students interested in attending. Unfortunately, while there are enough seats available for these applicants somewhere, most students are concentrated on applying only the top 100 ranked institutions. With so many qualified students crowding the pool and little room to customize most applications, how do you stand out? That’s where ZeeMee comes in.


ZeeMee is essentially like LinkedIn for high schoolers. It allows you to showcase your personality and unique skillset. As with any optional supplement, only make one if you think yours will add value to your application. How can you know if that’s you? ZeeMee is ideal for students who have a portfolio. Do you make inventions or films? Do you perform spoken word or enter talent competitions? ZeeMee is for you.


So now that you’ve decided to make a ZeeMee profile, where do you begin? First, using your phone or computer, make a 1-2 minute video. Keep it simple- who are you and what are a few things you want your interviewer to know about you? Next, write a short blurb about yourself. Think of this as the roadmap to your ZeeMee. Tell the admissions officer what kinds of things they will encounter on your profile. Then, add a few hobbies and interests and pad them out with pictures and videos. Finally, share your ZeeMee with your friends to earn shoutouts and badges.


For example, I have made my own. As you can see, I decided to make mine a little different by using an imovie trailer template for my video. I decided to go for something a bit silly with the dramatic Carmen Sandiego theme to play up my interest in travel. As I am interested in photography, I decided to use these photos to add personal flair to my profile.