What’s an MMI?

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If you’re an applicant to any kind of health program, whether it be medicine, nursing, dentistry, or veterinary science, you’re probably going to encounter the term ‘MMI.’ What’s an MMI anyway? MMI stands for Multiple Mini Interview, which as the name implies, means that you will go through a succession of multiple interviews. In each mini interview, you’ll be challenged …

talking about yourself

Ace the Interview: Talking about Yourself

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One of the topics you can be sure to discuss in your college interview is yourself. Talking about yourself might sound easy, but in fact it can be quite difficult. Here are a few tips to decode the questions and make sure you are prepared: “So, tell us about yourself…” Often the interviewer will ask you just to talk a bit about yourself. …

How to prepare for the alumni interview

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US universities have increasingly adopted the admissions interview in their application process. All the ivy league institutions have alumni interview programs. However, 7 of the 8 universities only recommend prospective students to interview with their alumni. Since the alumni groups may not be able to accommodate all prospective students, the schools do not make the interviews a requirement. Cornell is …