How to prepare for the alumni interview

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US universities have increasingly adopted the admissions interview in their application process. All the ivy league institutions have alumni interview programs. However, 7 of the 8 universities only recommend prospective students to interview with their alumni. Since the alumni groups may not be able to accommodate all prospective students, the schools do not make the interviews a requirement. Cornell is …

How to transfer to a UC campus

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Following my previous post on 4 reasons to attend a community college, this post will be on how to transfer from a community college to a UC. At Prep Zone, we continuously have students interested in applying to community colleges but are unsure of how to transfer. Here is an example of one of our past students, Jane*, who applied …

4 reasons to attend a community college

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High school students who grow up in the US have heard about community colleges, however most international students have no idea what a community college is. According to CollegeBoard, a community college is defined as “the most common type of two-year college. These colleges offer many types of educational programs, including those that lead to associate degrees and certificates. Certificates …

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Do international students have an admissions advantage?

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Many colleges take a vested interest in being able to claim that their student body is diverse. This begs the question: Do international students have a college admissions advantage in the US? International students aren’t rare If international students were truly unique, colleges might jump at the chance to have foreigners join their classrooms. In reality, though, the US is #1 in …

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Private and Public Colleges: How to Decide What’s Best for You

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In nearly every country, private and public colleges are different. In the United States, deciding what’s best requires a dynamic look at issues of cost, prestige, and overall fit. Cost On average, private colleges are more expensive than public ones. However, averages can be deceptive.   Private schools charge nearly $10,000 more per year. However, average debt per borrower is …

tough questions ask student life

Tough questions to ask about student life

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As an international student, you want to pick the U.S. college that fits you best. There are hundreds of factors to consider: academics, scholarships, location, and more. In addition, you should also ask some really tough questions about student life. Here are three important topics to ask about: Smoking Smoking is much less popular in the U.S. than it is in other …

Why study at a liberal arts college?

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Are you looking to apply to US colleges? Are you thinking of majoring in humanities, mathematics, or any type of sciences? If you answered yes to both questions, then you should consider applying to liberal arts colleges. But, what exactly is a liberal arts education? A liberal arts education is interdisciplinary, letting students gain an overview of humanities, mathematics, social …

Show Off with ZeeMee

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There are five thousand 4-year colleges in the United States, and millions of students interested in attending. Unfortunately, while there are enough seats available for these applicants somewhere, most students are concentrated on applying only the top 100 ranked institutions. With so many qualified students crowding the pool and little room to customize most applications, how do you stand out? …

Brief Overview of the Coalition Application

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Students applying to US universities this fall might come across a new application platform called the Coalition Application. For example, Stanford lets one choose between the coalition and common application. For those who don’t know what the coalition application is, here is a basic overview: The Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success (CAAS) announced the new application platform in September …