How to transfer to a UC campus

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Following my previous post on 4 reasons to attend a community college, this post will be on how to transfer from a community college to a UC. At Prep Zone, we continuously have students interested in applying to community colleges but are unsure of how to transfer.

Here is an example of one of our past students, Jane*, who applied and attended Santa Monica College. Jane initially wanted to study sociology in UC Davis but her academic profile was weak compared to the prior year’s admissions statistics. Therefore, we advised her on applying to community colleges in California so she would be able to transfer through the Transfer Admissions Guarantee (TAG). Once she arrived at Santa Monica College, Jane met with her counselor and took the required courses to ensure she was on track. After fulfilling the requirements, Jane completed the UC Transfer Admissions Planner (UC TAP) and TAG application in mid-September. By mid-November, her TAG application was approved and she applied to UC Davis by November 30. The following fall, she transferred and started classes at UC Davis.
*Name changed to protect privacy

Just like Jane, motivated students can successfully transfer from a community college in California to a UC campus. Here are various resources for the students who want to follow Jane’s footsteps:

  • UC TAP: Students should create an account as soon as they start their courses in order to make sure they are on track.
  • UC TAG: Students should review the UC transfer admissions guarantee to be familiar with each UC institution’s rule on transfer agreement. The UC transfer admissions guarantee is only for 6 UCs: Davis, Irvine, Merced, Riverside, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz.
  • This website tells you which the required courses for a transfer. It enables you to select your community college and your desired UC institution so you have the exact course titles.
  • California Community College new enrollments at UC: This website shows the number of transfer applicants to each UC campus.