US/Canada University Admissions

The U.S. educational system offers incredible diversity, from large research-focused institutions located in major cities, to small liberal arts colleges in rural areas, and everything in between. Many U.S. schools emphasize their general curriculum, which allows up to 1 year of study spread out between varying areas.

Selecting a school from the few thousand choices available in the U.S. can be overwhelming. Whatever your preference, our admissions consultants have deep expertise in successfully guiding students to obtain admission at a wide range of institutions.

Track Record: 2015 US/Canada University Admissions


  • “Personally, the most valuable component for me was the feedback I had from Sruti, (and the other consultants when they looked over my work). She never seemed to dread my constant drafts and re-edits – allowing me to carry my own voice through my writing style. It definitely made working much more fun and constructive.”
    Bert Dompeling
    Admitted to U. Michigan
  • “ possesses the necessary tools and expertise to counsel any candidate with bold ambitions. Working with their team, I was given professional and experienced guidance in essay writing and preparation for college applications, and was stretched to be more creative in my work.

    They were very thorough in their analysis of essays, pointing out even the most subtle nuances which helped me tremendously. I would recommend anyone who wishes to attend world class universities to employ services and get ready for a memorable and meaningful learning journey ahead.”
    Admitted to U. Chicago

  • “ was extremely helpful during my graduate school application. Despite the numerous graduate school programs in the United States, my consultants and I sat down and carefully discussed my goals and expectations to narrow down my choices. During the application process, they were patient and allowed me to bounce ideas and opinions off them while contributing not only useful comments but also honest and constructive criticisms. Without a doubt, my consultants’ guidance immensely helped me in navigating the intensive process. I am happy to say with my hard work and my consultants’ assistance, the efforts paid off and I got into the school of my choice.”
    Admitted to Brown U., Cornell U., U. Southern California, U. of Michigan Ann Arbor
  • “Signing up at was without question one of the most valuable decisions I made in planning my college future. The admission consultants were extremely efficient in ironing out the kinks in my portfolio and providing honest, professional perspectives on how to put my own stamp on the essays. However, what I appreciated most was that instead of diving straight into the nitty-gritty of the application material, I was encouraged to take a step back and really weigh my own strengths and preferences, which ultimately led to my discovery of several colleges and courses that I might have otherwise overlooked. Big thanks!”
    Tat Meng
    Admitted to U. California Berkeley, U. California Los Angeles, U. Michigan Ann Arbor, U. Virginiam Babson College, Northeastern U.
  • “I cannot thank enough for their invaluable guidance throughout the difficult college applications process. Before I was introduced to, I had been struggling with my personal statement and the whole process of applying to the right colleges seemed like an overwhelmingly daunting task. However, the admissions consultants were efficient, systematic and helped me tremendously in brainstorming for ideas for each essay.

    Because they helped me pick out appropriate target schools and safety schools, I found myself in an unexpectedly better position than many of my peers despite not doing as well as hoped for my A-levels. I truly owe it to’s guidance for enabling me to take on this college applications process and opening doors to my future.”
    Admitted to U. Michigan Ann Arbor, U. Southern California, Indiana U., Boston U., U. California San Diego

  • “I was introduced to in August, after I had taken both the SAT reasoning and subject tests. As a Singaporean, I had to serve in the military, which was a full-time commitment. Initially, I was worried that with my tight schedule, I would not be able to submit quality applications to my intended colleges.

    However, the level of professionalism demonstrated by impressed me. They worked alongside me in writing the college application essays at a pace that I was very comfortable with. My consultants were specific in guiding me through the complicated admissions process, and helped me brainstorm for ideas and refine my essays.

    Working with definitely gave me an advantage in my college admissions process despite my busy schedule.”
    Admitted to U. California Los Angeles, New York U., U. Southern California, U. Virginia, Carnegie Mellon U.

  • “The consultants were wonderful! They took the overwhelming application process and broke it down into a timeline that worked for me. They also assisted in selecting universities perfect for my profile, and when it came time to write the application essays, they spent countless hours helping me brainstorm. Together, we came up with creative topics that really helped my applications stand out!

    As a result of’s dedicated assistance, I received early acceptance into New York University’s biology program! I cannot thank them enough for making my dream school a reality!”
    Admitted to New York U.

  • “The second half year of 2012 is no doubt the most stressful and exhausting period in my life. Other than preparing for many school exams and my A Levels, I was swamped in the seemingly endless process of college application. I knew I was standing at a crossroad and any decision made was going to have a lifetime impact. Thanks to who came into my life when I felt most confused and apprehensive.

    The consultants here are highly organized in setting timelines and deadlines for various applications, experienced in pinpointing key essay requirements and brainstorming ideas, productive in editing and polishing my application essays, and patient in clarifying any doubts and concerns I have. Other than valuable and professional advice given, what I felt most grateful to was how the consultants here helped me realize my potential, plan my future and build up confidence in college life. Working with has made the otherwise insipid and aimless application process exciting and efficient. It is one of the most meaningful experiences I have in life.”
    Admitted to U. California Berkeley, U. California Los Angeles, U. California San Diego, U. California Santa Barbara, U. California Davis, U. Michigan Ann Arbor, U. Washington, New York U., Boston College, Pennsylvania State U.

  • “ was instrumental in assisting with my college admissions process. It helped me gain admission to my top choice college: University of Washington and it would never have happened without’s guidance and encouragement.

    My consultant was very experienced and extremely professional. She was instrumental in determining what schools were appropriate for me to target and keeping me on pace to complete a number of applications. When it came to personal statement, she knew what the questions were really asking for. She forced me to think of certain moments in my life that shaped who I am today. She knew exactly how to extract the things from me that were the most suitable for the school. Also, she was very good at helping me organize my story and painting me in the best light. She is very professional and effective with essay editing as well and it certainly transformed my essays from mediocre to excellent. I did not have a very competitive SAT score so I believe my well-rounded application and outstanding personal statement have greatly improved the chances of my acceptance.

    I would like to thank for being by my side throughout the application process. I am extremely happy that I had the opportunity to work with them. There is no doubt that my applications were much stronger after working with them. ”
    Jing Wen
    Admitted to U. Washington, Emerson College, Penn State U., U. Minnesota

  • “ was a blessing for me. I never thought I could make it to the city of dreams to study but it showed me that it was possible. The consultants were the most efficient and friendly bunch. We often ended up with too much time on our hands but that didn’t slow them down as they immediately started vetting my essays. has provided me invaluable assistance and helped me achieve my dreams.”
    Admitted to New York U.

  • “The consultants in are very professional and dedicated. They worked diligently with me in choosing the colleges I would like to apply to, suggesting how I should highlight my extra-curricular activities to make my application stand out. There were times when I would call them in the middle of the night for some help and instead of requesting to talk to them during their work hours, they made sure that they answered my inquiries. Thanks to the team at, I managed to get a place in the school of my choice. All in all, working with was a brilliant decision and I am so thankful for their effort and dedication.”
    Admitted to Boston U.
  • “Even when I was in the army, college application essay drafts and suggestions would be sent back and forth between my consultant and me via email, which I am thoroughly grateful for. I am also very thankful for his genuine concern for my future academic and professional life.

    After months of hard work and with the help of’s professional staff, I managed to be admitted to one of my top choices, University of Michigan Ann Arbor (School of Engineering). I am truly appreciative of all the help and assistance. The gave me an added advantage in my university applications and it also helped me focus on my future goals when I was initially uncertain.

    With its passion for helping students within a professional and friendly setting, the fully equips its students with the necessary skills to get admitted into their dream university.”
    Admitted to U. Michigan Ann Arbor, Boston U.

  • “ has been nothing short of instrumental to my applications for admission to colleges in the United States.

    Before, I had a very vague idea of what was required of me and the general process of application to any college in the United States. But with, the complicated process was made simple and easy.

    The best thing about is the dedicated staff who worked tirelessly to provide you with the best chance possible to getting into the college of your choice. I was provided with incredible support from everyone at, with special mention to my college counselors who were charged with the difficult task of getting me to a college.

    Without the services of, the application process would without doubt have been a huge struggle.”
    Admitted to U. Washington, U. Richmond

  • “The counselor was immensely helpful in making my application sound unique and polished. He provided a third person perspective through one-to-one sessions. The application process became less intimidating when it was broken down into discrete steps. The initial interview helped me tremendously in discovering my own strengths and gave me material for my essays, while constant review of my application as a whole allowed me to present a coherent image to the adcom and made sure my voice rang through. Thanks,!”
    YT Heng
    Admitted to Columbia U., Cornell U., U. Michigan Ann Arbor
  • “I must really thank for all the help that they provided to me for undergraduate application process. I received a lot of invaluable advice from the consultants for both shortlisting colleges as well as writing the personal statements. They guided me through the entire process patiently, and made sure that I make the right choices. They helped me identify my areas of strengths and build upon them in my application. Though they did help me polish my personal statements, they made sure that the final product truly reflected my voice alone. I do not know how I would have managed the numerous applications to US and UK colleges along with my high school work without, as they made sure I was always on my toes for writing essays and submitting applications. Ultimately, I got into numerous prestigious colleges in the US and UK, and all the hard work definitely paid off. Thank you!”
    Admitted to Indiana U., Purdue U., U. Washington, American U.
  • “ was a strong driving force that helped me apply to the college of my dreams. They were very patient while discussing my ever changing major choice, college choice and the country of education. They pushed me to get over my procrastination to complete my college
    essays in time and carefully examined to improve on each and every line. My essays were also reviewed by multiple counselors, which gave my essays a unique perspective. They also provided criticism when my essays were not up to mark. Overall, the counselors were immensely helpful in making my application sound polished and interesting. I am thankful to and its team of counselors for all their help.”
    Admitted to U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Purdue U., Texas A&M U., U. California San Diego, U. California Davis, U. California Santa Barbara, McGill U., U. Toronto
  • “I am so pleased with the’s services for my child, Ria Mehta. My daughter benefited from consulting her trainers throughout her senior year at the Singapore American School. She received admission news from Babson College, the University of Southern California, and the University of Texas at Austin, due to her trainer’s outstanding efforts and many hours of hard work to help her with her applications to nine, prestigious universities. Ria will reap the rewards in university and we highly recommend these services for other students. The trainer helped with writing essays, formulating excellent responses, and used his experience to guide his students. He always established deadlines and never compromised with the workload and the quality of the work. We certainly appreciate the time and effort put into Ria’s much anticipated university career.”
    Mrs. Mehta
    mother of Ria, Admitted to U. Southern California, U. Texas-Austin, Boston U., Babson College
  • “ was an excellent source of support and direction throughout my son’s college application process. Having no idea about the daunting process the American college application is, the initial sessions at were very informative in helping us understand the process. The team at worked diligently with my son in choosing the colleges he would like to apply to, brain-storming ideas for his application essays, suggesting how he should highlight his extra-curricular activities and volunteering experiences and make his application stand out. The team was critical to the successful composition of my son’s application essays. Overall working with was a wise decision and we are so thankful for all their help.”
    Mrs. Sharat
    mother of Varun, Admitted to U. California Los Angeles, U. Wisconsin Madison
  • ““They are Great Professionals with a personal Touch”. Well, this phrase fits perfectly for the counsellors of who helped my son to secure a place in one of the best institution in the USA, Purdue University. The counsellors are excellent at their jobs and know how to help their candidates deliver.

    In my acquaintance with them, I have seen their dedication and hard work. There were times when my son, Rajarshi, used to call them late at night for some help and they made sure that they gave him what he asked for. They always believed in my son and this gave him immense confidence. I have seen him believing in himself, and transforming into a confident and optimistic young man.

    One more quality which I would like to write about the counsellors are that they are very good listeners. Before they suggest they hear you out. They tried to understand what my son wanted. How many professionals do this?

    I am very happy that I chose”
    Mrs. Das
    mother of Rajarshi, Admitted to Purdue U.

  • “Raghu and I are very happy that our daughter Aalekhya was guided by for her US undergrad admission. We found the counselors experienced, knowledgeable and happy to help. Our daughter wanted to do a double major in Marine Sciences and Psychology and her counselors helped her narrow down the selection of colleges to the ones which were noted for both.

    Aalekhya found her counselors adept at finding her strengths, enhancing clarity of thought and knocking off rough edges in finalizing the essays. Once the college acceptances came in, we found it very useful that they shared their perspectives on different factors of each college which made it easier for us to make the decision.

    Aalekhya is joining the Rosential School of Marine Sciences, University of Miami where she has been offered a significant part -scholarship.
    We are truly thankful to the counselors who helped make this happen.”
    mother of Aalekhya, Admitted to U. California San Diego, U. Miami